Collision Response Repairs That Insurers Love

As a consumer it is quite alright for you to feel a little cynical at times. For instance, you may already know that your insurer loves you to bits because you always pay your premiums on time. But you are left wondering. If he loves you this much, why is he hiking your premiums every year. And why are you not receiving any customer friendly bonuses for your efforts. More needs to be done. But it is over to you to do the work for now. While you are having a chat with your insurance agent about a possible, no, scratch that, probable insurance company switch, you’ll be looking into what quality collision car repairs could be doing to your future car insurance premiums.

quality collision car repairs

Because the underwriters are still under a lot of pressure to pay escalating claims, you are not likely to experience a premium reduction in your car’s lifetime. But if the underwriter is good and he knows his car insurance product, he should be giving you end of term bonuses for jobs well done. Whenever you take your car in for car collision repairs, it should go on record. That way your insurer knows. You have taken the initiative to have the repairs done before any further damage ensues. And that is what a dink can do. Not a major car accident, nothing as serious as that, just a scrape in the parking garage.

How irritating is that? And that has got to go on record too. The insurance company must know that it was not your fault. And you are, after all, a good driver, are you not. This is something the insurance company should know well enough if they have been keeping your claims experience data up to scratch.