Why You Need a Pilot Escort Driver to Help With Your Oversized Loads

Every state has their own rules for the use of an escort car. For example, any loads over 12-ft. wide require at least one pilot car in the state of California. Using the car when relocating a heavy or oversized vehicle is required by law and those who violate the laws face punishment for their actions. The cars travel beside the oversized load with flashing lights, which prevents accidents and a plethora of other mishaps.

How Many Pilot Drivers do You Require?

Some people prefer to use two or more pilot escorts during their oversized load trip. This is optional but can certainly benefit your move. Two cars allow one vehicle to drive along each side of the vehicle which adds an extra layer of protection to the transport. You can never be too safe when it’s time to protect the lives of others who share the roadways with you!

Your First Priority

Safety should always be your top priority when transporting oversized loads. There are many mishaps that could occur when transporting an oversized load, especially if you’re not prepared and aware of the dangers ahead of time. Second should be the laws of the state. Make sure that you abide by the rules and hire a pilot driver to transport you to your new destinations, no matter what type of items you have to move.  

What’s the Cost?

pilot car

Pilot escort car costs vary from one company to the next. It’s best to compare costs from one provider to the next to secure the best prices for services. Request an estimate to compare costs. Estimates are available upon request and they don’t cost a penny, so why not get the best deals while they’re available?